Trailer Stability and Safety

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Trailer Stability and safety is something that can be overlooked by many. In many recent crash reports a trailer is found somewhere on or near the crash scene. Surveys confirm that many trailer owners are not fully aware of the safest method of towing cargo.

We need to recognize that trailer stability and safety information is important for many others than trailer owners. There are many businesses renting trailers and many drivers will rather rent a trailer when the need arises.

Without experience & required attention to safety procedures towing a trailer becomes a danger to the driver, his load and other road users. Driving when towing a trailer requires additional knowledge, safety precautions and driving skills. The driver must be aware of challenges such as decreased acceleration and braking performance, reduced vehicle control and manoeuvrability etc.

We have linked to some videos on YouTube not to use as scare tactics but really to show how important it is to be safe and secure when towing a trailer.



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